A dark figure from Ezra's past makes his way to Four Corners.   

    Nominated for a 2003 MOM Award!!!




Promises Kept 

Ezra makes a promise to an injured Vin.





A simple misunderstanding nearly costs Ezra his life.

     Nominated for a 2003 Ezzie Award!!!




The Light of Day 

Ezra receives a hard lesson in love and trust.

     Nominated for a 2003 Ezzie Award!!!





Rumors concerning Ezra run rampant in Four Corners.   

     Nominated for a 2004 MOM Award!!!




Treasures Not Golden 

Ezra learns not all treasures have monetary value.




Seeing Is Believing 

A shoot-out takes place on the streets of Four Corners.




In a Noble Light 

On the trail headed back to Four Corners, trouble finds Ezra and Vin.




Making a Match 

Much to Chris' dismay, the Terrible Two are scheming again, playing matchmaker.




Revenge Is Sweet 

Someone has it in for the peacekeepers and you won't believe the lengths they go to to get back at them.  




Old Friends And Obligations 

An old friend offers Ezra a chance at his dream.

     Nominated for a 2003 MOM Award!!!




Trail From Hell 

The title says it all.   

    Nominated for a 2004 MOM Award!!!




The Price Of Justice 

Chris is the only witness to a crime, but testifying could cost more than he is willing to pay.





Returning to Four Corners, Chris and Ezra run into more trouble than they can handle.




The Price Of Passion 

To Vin's great joy, Charlotte Richmond returns.  Takes place several months after the episode 'Wagon Train'.