Make A Wish

Seven-year-old Ezra Standish is on his way to Four Corners to meet his mother.

     First in the 'Lil' Pard' series.   

                Nominated for a 2004 MOM award!!!

                WINNER OF THE 2004 DIAMOND EZZIE 




Hidden Qualities 

Vin and young Ezra have a serious talk while camping in the hills.

     Second in the 'Lil' Pard' series.



Brothers and Celebrations 

Four Corners is celebrating, but Ezra doesn't seem interested.

     Third in the 'Lil'Pard' series.



My Hero 

When Vin runs into trouble, it's up to Ezra to help him.

     Fourth in the 'Lil' Pard' series.



Fears Unspoken 

Ezra goes back to live with Maude.

     Fifth in the 'Lil' Pard' series.