The First Step

Judge Travis approaches Larabee with a proposition that will change his life.

      Nominated for a 2003 MOM award!!!



The Winds of Change

Buck Wilmington arrives.



Unanswered Prayers

John Daniel Dunne joins the team.



A Matter of Faith

Josiah Sanchez considers returning to a life he left behind.



The Good Inside You

A con man is offered a change at an honest life. Is that what he really wants?



Through A Wise Man's Eyes

Judge Travis surveys the men chosen for the most elite team in the country.   

        Nominated for a 2004 MOM Award!!!         



Midnight Conversation

Vin reveals a piece of his past.

Nominated for a 2003 MOM Award!!!



Piglet & Pooh

No spoiler



Holiday Lessons

The team meets Maude

Nominated for a 2003 MOM Award!!!



Circles and Walls

No spoiler. ;-)



Dark Horse

The team helps out the Judge in a very unusual manner.




Vin finds a home.



True Courage

The team loses a member.

Nominated for a 2003 MOM Award!!!



The Price Paid

Sequel to True Courage.



A Friend In Deed

A figure from Ezra's past emerges when Vin is accused of murder.

         Nominated for a 2003 Ezzie Award!!!



At The Gate

Vin comes to the rescue of a young woman he may have known in another era.    

    It's suggested you read Face Value on the Old West page       


         Nominated for a 2004 MOM Award!!!



Always Had Been, Always Would Be

Ella Gaines re-enters Larabee's life.



Where Angels Fear To Tread

No Spoiler except to say Glenda refuses to take the credit she deserves for this cute little story. Of course that didn't stop me putting her name under the title.



Visions of Vengence

No spoiler because I couldn't think of one.





Golden Chain

No real spoiler except to say, Lucy and...Ezra



Intangible Value

For the second time since joining the team Vin faces murder charges but reacts alot differently than the team expects.



The Way Back Home

Lucy's in need of Vin's special skills.



Movin' On

Ezra faces the consequences of helping a friend.



Time In A Bottle

Maude faces her greatest adversary.



Small Sacrifices 1

This is a small filler series as each member joined the Task Force. This week: Chris and Vin



Small Sacrifices 2

Buck and Nathan



Small Sacrifices 3

JD and Josiah



Small Sacrifices 4




In His Corner

Vin and Miss Nettie's first meeting



Just A Ride

Why Ezra takes such good care of his car




Daniela requested this story and Glenda being the good person she is always tries to please her readers. Chris realizes there's some things he needs to tell Buck.



Full Circle

Next in the Vin and Lucy series. DJ wanted me to add a disclaimer to this so here it is...She can't believe she wrote this but Vin wouldn't shut up till she did.



Guardian Angel

CROSSOVER M7 & Stargate SG1. This and the sequel if I ever get it finished is most likely the only crossovers you will see on this site. Guardian Angel combines DJ's and mine favorite guys.

      WINNER OF THE 2003 EZZIE     




To Die Alone

An old enemy returns.

      Nominated for a 2003 MOM Award!!!



The Second Time's A Charm

The story of how Molly & Buck met.



Shine On

No Spoiler. I can't think of a description that's good enough for this one.




Vin discovers a piece of his past.



Another Lifetime

Lucy goes on a internet quest after stumbling across an amazing story. This story takes place before Ezra met Nica.



Christmas Diamonds

Ezra plays Santa Claus.   

      Nominated for a 2004 MOM Award!!!



Hair Of The Dog

Vin and JD are in trouble. I found this story Glenda wrote last year and somehow I didn't get posted.